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Ingredients for life.

If you prefer a market that constantly adapts alongside society, look no further than Vons.

Vons seeks to actively assist their customers by keeping up with a constantly changing society. Their website is a testament to taking steps towards a more technological society – they offer access to all of their products and deals, upload digital copies of their weekly ads, suggest recipes, and even offer grocery delivery.

The www.Vons.com “just for U” accounts allow customers to keep track of their Club Card savings and save their preferred store information. If a customer is on their way to get groceries, but don’t have a particular meal in mind, they can always check the recipes listed at Vons.com – including a top ten list that changes to keep up with what is trending among customers.

Below is the latest information about Vons Weekly Ad prices.

Vons Weekly Ad Box

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New Weekly Ad StartsWednesday
Duration of Weekly Ad7 days
Additional SalesBig Book of Savings, Five Dollar Fridays
Senior Discount DaysNo
Military DiscountNo
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Vons started out in 1906 under the ownership of Charles Von der Ahe; the store was small and focused on catering to the needs of local families. He built the store up to a chain of 87 before eventually selling it. However, four years later, two of his sons restarted the tradition; Vons has been going strong ever since. Vons helped pioneer the ideas of “cash and carry” groceries and self-service produce, meat, and deli products. Safeway, Inc. purchased a 35% stake, provoking a complete merge in 1997.

Reflecting the company’s days as a small grocer, Vons has always focused on the neighborhood. They provide quality foods at good prices, and offer various deals and coupons to customers. The company lists all of their deals on their website in addition to printing weekly ads for each store.

Vons offers a rewards card for shopping; cardholders can earn points towards fuel savings and take advantage of special prices in the store. Customers can even opt-in to receiving savings-alert emails. Vons takes their neighborhood focus to the next level through their Safeway foundation.

The Safeway Foundation, which can be found at www.safewayfoundation.org, focuses on four major areas of community service: sponsoring health and human services, relieving hunger, supporting education, and assisting the disabled. Vons turns a percentage of all profits to donations for the Safeway Foundation, as well as generating awareness and creating opportunities for customers to contribute.

The company believes that in order to succeed in a community, one must be a good neighbor.

The average Yelp review for Vons comes in at three and a half stars; many satisfied reviewers cite a helpful staff and clean stores. Vons makes excellent use of their floorplan and signage to ensure that a customer is able to find everything they need – if a customer has trouble finding anything, the staff is there to help.

In-store banks, pharmacies, floral departments, made-from-scratch bakeries, and full-service delis are common sites inside of Vons in an effort to provide one-shop stops for customers. Their website offers a helpful guide that informs customers of the best way to take advantage of their services when planning an event, listing all of their party platters in familiar categories.

Typically, Vons Weekly Ads begin on Wednesday and runs through Tuesday.  This means you’ll have access to a new weekly ad every Wednesday!

For more information about Vons Weekly Ad, visit their official website. This link will lead you directly to Vons website. Happy Savings!