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If you are looking for a clean and value-filled shopping experience then check out Ingles.

Ingles Markets located its stores in small and rural areas that tended to be overlooked by the larger chain stores. Through their excellent savings programs, Ingles has managed to build a dedicated customer base. Their savings programs include a rewards card, called “Ingles Advantage™.”

The Advantage card allows customers to access special deals in store, receive coupons and special offers in the mail, and enter sweepstakes.

Below is a table containing information about Weekly Ads and Discounts at Ingles.

Ingles Weekly Ad Box

Membership Card OfferedClick Here To Sign Up
New Weekly Ad StartsWednesday
Duration of Weekly Ad7
Additional CouponsClick Here To Sign Up
Senior Discount DaysNone
Military DiscountNo
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The Advantage card also gives cardholders the option to partner with Upromise and save for college. Cardholders can also link their card to a local school in a program called “Tools for Schools”; Ingles will then donate to the school with a percentage of every purchase. Ingles also offers Weekly Ads, targeted to specific stores in order to provide the best savings for each area. Customers can also access coupons, both from the mailers and the company’s website, for even more savings.

To help with the success of his company, Ingle implemented a successful strategy of owning the majority of real estate on which the stores are built. With the first few stores, Ingles owned all of their land; now the company owns two-thirds of the land on which it operates. Ingle also ran what he considered “a circus” to lure in customers – from large merchandise displays to in-store games and savings stamps; Ingle was determined to attract customers. He was just as equally determined to serve them.

Ingles was founded in 1963 by Robert Ingle. Ingle started small, working in his grandfather’s grocery store until it closed in 1956. After attending university, he worked for a chain of grocery stores until he was able to receive financing the first official Ingles Market in Asheville, NC.

While the original store was staffed by Ingle, his wife, and a few employees, Ingles Markets now operates close to 200 stores in the southeastern United States.

Ingles Markets maintains their commitment to invest in smaller towns by reaching beyond the land their stores inhabit. The company’s Tools for Schools program is but one example of how Ingles serves its communities. Ingles also offer local programs to help eliminate hunger and meet specific community needs.

Ingles dedicates itself to providing quality goods and services to its customers. They seek to provide only the best in fresh produce, deli goods, organic foods, gluten-free foods, and other food products. Ingles works closely with Milkco, a dairy facility that the company purchased in 1982, do deliver fresh dairy products to their stores – as well as other food-service distributors.

If a customer likes alcohol, then they should take note of the walk-in “Beer Cooler” inside Ingles Markets. The stores are well-organized and well-maintained, prompting Yelp reviews to average four stars. Ingles Markets holds all of its workers, even executives, to a high standard. Customers are welcome to read their Code of Ethics, which is listed on Ingles’ website. has a clear design that emphasizes the companies quality to wholesome products and customer savings. The website is well-organized, and transitions well between large and small screens by adjusting menu options. In addition to listing the Weekly Ad, offering digital coupons, and allowing customers to create an online shopping list, the website also offers quality recipes and information on specific products such as Ingles’ Gluten-Free products.

Typically, Ingles Weekly Ads begin on Wednesday and runs through Tuesday.  This means you’ll have access to a new weekly ad every Wednesday!

For more information about Ingles Weekly Ad, visit their official website. This link will lead you directly to Ingles website. Happy Savings!