The Most Useful Items in the Latest Food 4 Less Weekly Ad

Find out which products are best to get at this week’s Food 4 Less Weekly Ad

A lot of people don’t make use of grocery coupons and regular promos because they think that the marked down items aren’t very useful.

In reality, though, these things are actually staples and basic products that you’ll need to have some stock of at home. If you’re wondering what you should pick up on your next supermarket visit, here are a few useful products from the latest Food 4 Less Weekly Ad.

Fresh Tyson Split Chicken Breasts for 97¢/lb

Chicken breasts are basically the most versatile meat options ever, so loading up on them is always a good choice for homes.

Boneless Pork Loin Chops for $2.49/lb

Need a quick dinner? Fry up some pork chops, toss a salad, and you’re good to go.

Scott Bath Tissue for $5.99

Never run out of toilet paper by stocking up on affordable yet quality Scott bath tissues.

Colgate Toothpaste at 10 pieces for $10Colgate Toothpaste at 10 pieces for $10 -

For most homes, the stock level of their toiletries can be overlooked. Avoid going off to work without brushing your teeth by bulk buying Colgate toothpaste tubes.

Fresh Seedless Watermelon at $3.49 each

Enjoy a bit of sweet freshness even if the summer’s almost over with a few watermelons.

1-2-3 Vegetable Oil for 2 for $3

Make sure that your kitchen is always ready for some cooking with super affordable 1-2-3 vegetable oil.

Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner for $1.99 each

Suave shampoo is always a must have, whether it’s for you or for your guest bathroom.

Kroger Tender Twist Bread for $1.99 each

Quick breakfasts are always solved by some good bread like Kroger’s.

Kroger Canned Vegetables at 2 for $1

Busy homeowners who love cooking at home should always have a few ingredients in their pantries.

Selected Pepsi Products for 88¢ each

Refreshments are always important for those who love to hang out at home.

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