Use the Kroger Weekly Ad For Healthier Eating Habits

Keep in mind that just because a product is offered with a deep discount, courtesy of the latest Kroger Weekly Ad, does not necessarily mean that you should buy it. You have to watch what you buy and, thus, watch what you eat so as to ensure that you are still on your healthy diet.

You will also like it that by ignoring the unhealthy food products on the weekly ad, you are also cutting time from your coupon-related activities.

Here are a few commonsense tips that will be useful in your efforts to stay healthy and stay within your budget.

#1 Avoid Clipping Coupons for Unhealthy Food

You have to exercise willpower in skipping on the coupons for unhealthy food including junk food especially when these are offered with substantial discounts. You will find that a weekly menu coupled with a list of must-buy staples as your guide will lessen the temptation to be scissors-happy with the weekly ad.

#2 Make a Shopping List

Even before you set foot in a Kroger supermarket, you should already have a list of your pantry staples that can be used as a guide for choosing the coupons for clipping, as well as your guide during the actual shopping.#2 Make a Shopping List  -

You will find a wide range of weekly ads for staples including condiments from soy sauce to teriyaki sauce; toiletries including kitchen and toilet rolls; food staples from bread to milk, eggs, and sugar; and fresh produce and bagged salads, to name a few. You will be able to resist the temptation to buy junk food that’s not on your list in this way.

#3 Make a Weekly Meal Plan

You can compare the ingredients of the dishes, desserts, and snacks on your weekly menu with available stocks in your pantry. You will then have a basis for choosing the items that should be included in your shopping list. Your careful planning will also result in another benefit – lesser food waste and, thus, more savings.

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