More Tips to Save More with a Save a Lot Weekly Ad

With a Save a Lot Weekly Ad, your bank account will not take a beating, thanks to the generous discounts on the coupons. Keep in mind that Save-A-Lot already provides hard discounts on its products including grocery staples, which means the weekly ad coupons further reduce the prices on the items.

But don’t just rely on the weekly ads either. You can adopt these suggestions for getting more value for your money while shopping at Save-A-Lot stores.

Listen to Upbeat Music

Studies have shown that listening to music with slower beats while shopping will increase the chances of buying more than the planned purchase.Listen to Upbeat Music - WeeklyAdPrices.coNow you know why stores usually play music with slower beats – shoppers will likely move more slowly down the aisles and buy more products.

The solution: Play a more upbeat playlist, such as your workout mix, on your headphone and listen to it as you shop. You will likely move at a faster pace and, hopefully, avoid impulse purchases.

Avoid the Need to Fill Your Cart

Supermarket chains offer their customers with larger shopping carts for a reason – you will be more likely to fill your cart with more items than originally planned. You should then make a deliberate effort to avoid filling your cart to the brim unless, of course, you have the right weekly ad coupons to significantly reduce your total bill.

Tip: Make a shopping list and stick to it. You should make your list based on a few factors including your actual needs for the products and the coupons applicable on them.

But when you overfill your cart, you shouldn’t hesitate about ditching unnecessary items even at the checkout counter. You can either return the item to its proper shelf or request an employee to return it instead of paying for it and then discarding it at home.

Indeed, coupons are not the be-all and end-all of saving money on your grocery bills but these are always a good start.

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