What Not to Do with a Vons Weekly Ad at the Checkout Line

While a Vons Weekly Ad is your ticket to substantial savings on your groceries and staple items, you should use it responsibly especially at the checkout line. Keep in mind that Vons stores being always busy with shoppers falling in line at the cashiers’ counters, you have to be as organized as possible as well as practice good manners.

#1 Don’t Come Unprepared

You should already have your coupons ready even before your come into the store both for your own convenience as well as the benefit of the cashier and the customers waiting in line.#1 Don’t Come Unprepared - WeeklyAdPrices.com

Your effective coupon organization will also mean that you can maximize the discounts on your purchases instead of missing out on the savings, not to mention that you will get through the checkout line and out of the store faster. You don’t want to be tempted into making impulse purchases.

This is also true for your cash or check. You should have your wallet at the ready or your check pre-filled except for the amounts in words and figures for a faster transaction.

#2 Don’t Go Back to the Cashier In Case of Non-use of Coupons

Let’s assume that you forgot to use the coupons on your purchases after you have paid for them. You should ideally not go back to the cashier’s counter as you will likely hold up the line or wait in line again.

Instead, you should go to the customer service counter and present your coupons to the staff member assigned. Even when you forget to use your rewards card, you may still be allowed to enjoy the points on your purchases.

Indeed, your good manners at the checkout line will matter as much as your savings. You may just become an inspiration for others to use coupons responsibly and to be a smart shopper.

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