Kroger Helps Home Makers Make Each Day Better and Better

One of the greatest challenges of being a home maker is making sure that every single family member gets 3 square meals a day – whether they like it or not. You are expected to push the healthy eating habit to the point of nagging even if it means being the bad guy. And, you are also expected to keep the cost to a minimum.

If you are challenged with such a task, let Kroger (the parent company of Ralph’s grocery stores) into your life to offer its helping hand.


Getting everyone to eat breakfast is a hard job especially on a school day. Everyone will wake up late, take too long in the bathroom and will complain that they’re so late and so in a rush.

The quickest and most convenient breakfast will always be cereals, nothing to cook and nothing to heat. All you need is a box full of cereals, bowls on the table, spoons and milk.

Today is already a goner. But, you’ll make sure to be ready for tomorrow.

First thing to do is go to Kroger website and sign in to your Kroger account. Or if you don’t have one yet, set up an account. It’s easy all you need to give is your name and email address.

Kroger has $425.94 worth of digital discount coupons for you to avail off.

Start off with Yoplait Greek even if you don’t really like them, why…Because they are free!

Family Breakfast

Kroger has the following cereals up for a 50-cent discount off their prices:

  • Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries Cereal
  • Lucky Charms Cereal
  • Kellogg’s Special K Gluten Free Cereal
  • Kellogg’s Krave Cereal

For your coffee, there’s $1 discount for 115-packets of Equal.

For baby. There’s a $2 discount for Enfamil and Enfagrow

LunchKroger- Weeklyadprices.comLunch Box

Apples will be good to include for tomorrow’s school lunch. Pinata apples go with a $0.50 discount for a purchase of a pair.

Chicken nuggets will be an excellent choice for your kids’ main lunch meal. There’s a $1.50 discount on Perdue “Simply Smart” frozen fully cooked Chicken. Reheating will be quick and convenient on a microwave.

Throw in a little extra love while you save $1 on Mars, any 2 M&M’s (2 oz.) Minis Mix, Twix, Snickers or Milky Way. You’ll be the coolest mom to have packed chocolates in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Creative Dinner

And while everybody’s out and you’re relaxed at home assured that everyone’s having a good lunch, you can whip up the biggest surprise when everybody comes home to a new dish for dinner.

Kroger has 264 dinner recipes for you to choose from. These recipes range from the simplest but creative burgers to more exquisite preparations of beef, pork, fish, chicken and pasta.

Each dish comes with a complete list of ingredients that are available at the Kroger grocery.

Kroger has your tomorrow pretty much covered. All you have to do is go there as soon as everyone has left the house so you can start working on tomorrow.

But what about the following days, you may ask…

If you know Kroger, they’ll keep on thinking of ways to make every day better and better. You can count on that.

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