Why Junk Food is Ruining Your Budget and How the Giant Eagle Weekly Ad Can Help

Junk food is one of the reasons why you spend a lot on your groceries. A quick solution, though, would be to use the Giant Eagle Weekly Ad.

Unless you’re running a very tight and healthy ship at home, junk food can be blamed for a big chunk of your grocery costs. Even if they’re not on the shopping list, a lot of people concede to buying a few bags of chips, cookies, candies, and sodas.

These, of course, can add up and take up a large portion of your shopping budget. However, there are a few things that you can try to cut costs on this area. With the help of the Giant Eagle Weekly Ad, you can spend less on your monthly stocks on junk food.

How? Here are some tips you can try.

Opt for the items on sale instead of your regular brands (if they’re not included on the weekly promo).

If you’re worried about the taste, fret not, because you can always find something great by doing this. Doritos and Sun Chips are marked down this week, while ice cream brands like Friendly’s, Klondike, Lindy’s, Nestle Drumstick, and Outshine are also discounted. Switch things up a bit and try the marked down items on your next grocery trip. This will help you save more money and try something new at the same time.

Go for fruits that are by the pound instead of chips.

A pound of grapes at this week’s Giant Eagle weekly promotions sells for $1.99 while strawberries are being sold for 2 lbs at $5. These can be a great discounted alternative to chips as well, since they can be cheaper and in a much bigger volume. Sure, they expire faster than chips, biscuits, and cookies, but they’re much better for your health. So, why not give them a shot?

Bulk buy sodas.bulk-buy-sodas

This week’s deals at Giant Eagle also comes with big discounts when buying them in large volumes. 2L bottles of Pepsi products are available at 5 for $5, while Coca Cola products are selling 3 packs of 6 for $12.

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