Getting the Best Experience At Best Buy Each Time

Best Buy generally lives up to its name since many, if not most, of its products are indeed among the best buys in retail industry. But like in its competitors, you have to know the secrets in making the most out of your visits to the chain’s dozens of retail stores in your region. Here are a few things that you can do to achieve this goal.

Send the Under Warranty Products to the Store

Many people send defective or damaged products under warranty directly to the manufacturer, which can be a hassle and an expense. You can instead send it directly to the store where you bought it where it can be fixed as soon as possible or forwarded directly to the manufacturer, at the expense of the store and/or manufacturer. You can send computers, printers, cameras, and televisions to the store for this purpose.

Skip the Account Shield

If you’re applying for a store card, you may want to skip on the account shield because it’s pointless – or at least, that’s what insiders say. You may discover, too, that the account shield is something that customer representatives encourage clients to add on in order to improve CC ratings. You should also ask for better financing especially when you’re planning a substantial purchase, such as a home theater system.

Covered Even After Expiry of Return Period

Yet another sweet thing about Best Buy is that most of its store brands, such as Dynex, Init, Insignia, and RocketFish, are still covered in-store even after their return and exchange period has elapsed. You don’t have to consider the purchase as a waste of money since you can either return it or exchange it; terms and conditions apply, nonetheless, since not all items are covered.

Call Higher Management

If you have an issue with the store including its products and services, you should skip the corporate and customer service hotline. This is because your complaints will only be noted but there will be no concrete actions done to resolve the issue, which means ranting at the customer service representative is a waste of energy. You should instead call the attention of higher management, such as the District Manager, via an email and follow it up for best results.

Of course, you should ideally have your shopping list and weekly ads, coupons and codes ready before entering the store. Your systematic approach to shopping will mean maximizing the time spent inside the store and the money spent on the products.

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