Getting an Inside Look at Sears, Getting More Savings

Sears is one of the chains of retail stores that have proven staying power, thanks to a savvy combination of a wide range of products and services, a competitive price structure, and an efficient customer service system. Of course, there’s also the fact that despite its more upscale status, the chain is also one of the better places to find great bargains. Here are a few tricks of the trade that bargain hunters can use in their shopping sprees.

The Dollars and Cents Matter

If you’re working with a limited budget, you will check the price tag of each item before deciding whether to include it in your shopping cart or not. But you have to look beyond the dollars and cents to decipher the possible implications of the stated price on the tag, particularly about the possibility of the price being reduced further in the future.

A few rules of thumb to remember in this regard: (Look at the last two digits in the price tag)

  • 99 cents means that the item isn’t on sale or being planned to be so even during sale days
  • 98 cents means that the item will unlikely be reduced in its price, as is the case with a manufacturer agreement
  • 97 cents means that it’s a clearance item so buy it, if you want to, although you may have second thoughts since it may be discontinued or old stock already (e.g., odd-sized clothes and unique tools)
  • 88 cents means that it’s a closeout item in limited stock so buy it ASAP

If you are in doubt about these rules of thumb, you can always make your own observations for a few days. You can then make your purchasing decisions based on these observations, among other factors that must be considered.

The Weekly Ads Can Be Goldmines

You will be surprised at the great deals available at the Sears weekly ads. You have to remember that Sears also has home brands, such as DieHard, Craftsman, and Kenmore, aside from brands like Whirpoool, LG and Frigidaire, to name a few. Yu may be able to get deep discounts on many products every week, which means you can plan your purchases with these ads in mind.

Your adventures in Sears’ stores can be made even more exciting when you know the ins and outs of the chain’s coupons policy. You should take at least a few minutes to read the policy, ask questions about the terms, and apply your new information. Your shopping day will be filled with savings on items from small furniture to basic necessities when you exert just a little time, effort and energy into it.

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