Enjoying Seafood Savings with a HEB Weekly Ad

Sometimes, you will find seafood coupons on an HEB Weekly Ad, an opportunity to enjoy healthy and delicious seafood dishes without sinking your budget. You just have to apply the following tricks of the smart coupon user’s trade.

#1 Buy Lesser-known Species

You will still get the healthy goodness – think omega-3 essential fatty acids – of lesser-known species without the expensive price of their more popular counterparts.#1 Buy Lesser-known Species - WeeklyAdPrices.com For example, if you want white fish, you can purchase the more affordable cod, mackerel, and pollock instead of the pricey halibut, salmon, and tuna.

#2 Choose pre-packaged seafood

Your savings can be as much as 15%, even greater, when you choose pre-packaged seafood over its non-packaged counterpart. Your avid do-it-yourself side may balk at the thought but when it comes to savings, your frugal side will not hesitate to scoop it up. Just don’t buy the pre-seasoned seafood as it will be more expensive than when you season the seafood at home.

#3 Choose Big Bags

You will save as much as 40% when you buy scallops, mussels, clams, and shrimp, among other small-sized seafood, in bug bags. You can just freeze them for future consumption. You should also check out the substantial savings when buying frozen instead of fresh seafood, not to mention that many so-called fresh seafood has actually been flash-frozen already for shipment.

#4 Check Out the Canned Seafood

You can also enjoy big savings on canned seafood so don’t be a snob about it. In fact, you can substitute canned seafood for fresh seafood without diners noticing it – your excellent culinary skills will be your partner in this case. Plus, you can save as much as 50% especially during BOGO sales.

Of course, you have to use the applicable coupons on all of your purchases for greater savings. Your time, energy and effort in clipping and organizing the HEB coupons will pay off in handsome dividends when you use them for your purchases soon.

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