CVS Takes Care of Mom and Baby This Easter

Easter is coming and CVS would like to take extra care of mommy and baby during this season. An Easter Egg Hunt will be such a delight. It’s not too late to start calling friends if they want to have a gathering for Easter Egg Hunting with other friends’ kids.

There is nothing like seeing that smile on your baby’s face and the satisfaction in knowing that you were the one who put it there.

That Easter Egg Hunt may or may not happen but, it will not stop mom from making this Easter very special for her baby. Easter presents don’t have to be that big or that expensive, just something that will go with the season and remind them that they are loved.

60193-CVS-NoTag-md-mdSo if you’re looking for some good deals, why not visit CVS grocery and check out their Easter Deals. Take note that other stores are also holding some promotions including Rite Aid, Publix, Aldi and many others:

  1. Buy any Cadbury Easter Novelties and get 1 free
  2. Spend $15 on any Russell Stover or Whitman’s Chocolate Rabbits 1.5-12 oz. and get $3 extrabucks reward.
  3. Easter Bunny Mini Cudlies starting at $2.99
  4. Buy 2 of Hershey’s Kisses, Eggs, Miniatures or Cadbury Mini Eggs 7.1-10 oz. and get $2 extrabucks reward.
  5. 20% off on Easter Eggs Decorating Kits

And 20% discounts on other selected Easter treats

Now that we have baby well taken care of, it’s time to take care of mom and dad. Ok, let’s change that. For now, let’s focus on mom because if mom is happy, dad will be happy.

While shopping for beauty products at other groceries will cause a lot of guilt, that is not the case at CVS. To pay tribute to the princesses in all household queens, CVS loads up on the extrabucks rewards on major beauty products.

Yes, now is the time to indulge on everything that compliments your beauty. Here are some of the skincare and beauty products that will make your CVS Savings and Rewards account beefier:

  1. Spend $15 on any Revlon Cosmetics and get $6 extrabucks rewards.
  2. Buy 2 of SoftSoap Body wash 15-18 oz. and get $4 extrabucks reward.
  3. Spend $30 on any L’Oreal Facial Care, Advanced Sun care or Sublime Bronze and get $10 extrabucks reward.
  4. Spend $15 on any CoverGirl Foundation, Powder, Blush or Concealer and get $5 extrabucks reward.
  5. Spend $20 on any Burt’s Bees Lip or Skin Care and get $5 extrabucks reward.
  6. Buy 1 Olay Regenerist Premium and get $2 extrabucks reward.
  7. Spend $10 on selected Sally Hansen products and get $4 extrabucks reward.
  8. Buy 2 Dial Body Wash 16 oz. or Bar Soap 6 pack and get $2 extrabucks reward.
  9. Buy 2 Maybeline Eye, Foundation, Powder, Blush, Concealer or Lip and get $5 extrabucks reward.
  10. Buy 2 of any Neutrogena Foundation, powder or Concealer and get $8 extrabucks reward.

If you want to buy something for your baby and something to enhance your beauty, visit your nearest CVS grocery. Take your baby along with you. Celebrate Easter with full stretched smiles on your faces for Easter is the best time for mom and baby at CVS.


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