Black Friday Strategy At HH Gregg

Black Friday will soon be upon us and hordes of shoppers will want to snap up bargain deals from 4K ultra high-definition televisions to refrigerators, couches, and furniture, among others. But because of the herd stampeding through the doors as soon as these are opened, you must have a strategy to get the best deals at H.H. Gregg.

Scout the Location

Before Black Friday comes along, you must become familiar with the store’s general layout –where the kitchen appliances, home entertainment, and gadget sections are, for example. You must have a general idea about the products that you will buy during the Black Friday madness, learn where these products are in the store, and plan your itinerary accordingly. You may even ask the sales associates about the possible prices for the items on your list, perhaps even ask about the applicability of weekly ads.

And speaking of weekly ads, you should ideally bring along the current ads during your store scouting project. You may just see a must-have-it-now item on sale, which means one less item to fight for during the Black Friday rush.

Browse the Online and Printed Ads

You will be able to prioritize the items on your shopping list when you already have information about the best deals, based on the online and printed ads for that particular period. Instead of going about the store like a headless chicken, you can head for the most important (i.e., with higher discounts) item on your list and be the first to get limited-stock items. If you wait too long, you will find nothing on the shelves.

You will even find items on sale that you have been lusting after but you haven’t had the chance to buy because of the steep price. Black Friday becomes a great day, indeed!

Get There as Early as Possible

If you want to be the first to get limited-stock items like a brand-new 4K television at a steal, you should be one of the early birds. You may think that camping out at the store’s entrance is going to the extreme, you may not think so when the campers actually snap up all the 4K televisions in the store.

Of course, you have to be dressed for the occasion, which means comfortable clothes and shoes. You cannot be tottering on high heels when dashing from one product category to the next especially in such a crowded store, after all.

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