Albertsons is ALWAYS Happy to Serve You

Customer service is such a broad term that no business can exhaust its parameters. It’s not as simple as giving the biggest discounts anymore. The best and most successful marketer is one who can engage his clients and keep them excited about the buying process.

There are so many things happening at Albertsons which make more and more customers excited in going to the stores for purchases and visiting their website for so much more.

Here are 6 reasons to shop at Albertsons (instead of your usual shopping places like Publix and Krogers):

Shop, Play and Win with Monopoly!

There are over $80 million in prizes and money-savers that you can win in this online game.

Surely you have played this game before with your siblings as a kid and with your kids as a parent. Of course everybody knows Monopoly. This time you can play it for actual benefits. The game tickets are given from your purchases at Albertsons.

Small Changes Big Impact Recipes and Tips

You can energize your 2015 with great recipes and food tips from renowned dietitian Annessa Chumbley.

Affordable and Creative Meal Suggestionsaffordablemeals-

Kraft gives everyone a treat by sharing new ways to stretch your budget and exciting dishes that will wow your family using your favorite Kraft products.

The hardest thing about being a home maker is coming up with meal ideas for 365 days. You’d wish creativity was the only issue but there’s a harder challenge. One has to be creative enough and still be on the budget.

This section will not only make your meal preparations easier but your day’s shopping for ingredients just as easy.

Eating Healthy with Diabetes

Albertsons wants to take the best care for their customer and they have gone beyond just selling grocery items.

A specially trained pharmacist and registered dietitian will be giving a free grocery tour to guide you in what products are best for controlling diabetes and the ones people with the condition should avoid.

Weekly Ad Online

Albertsons doesn’t want you to miss out on the best buys for every week. Instead of just posting them in their website, they are willing to take the next step in customer service.

With your request, they will send a list of their weekly specials to your email so you’ll have a guide and the motivation to visit the nearest Albertsons grocery for your needs as well as the whole family’s.


Digital coupons are always available through their website. At the moment, they are giving away as much as $166.90 worth of savings. Here are some of the discounts:

  1. Save $1 on 4-pack Essential Everyday Bath Tissuedigitalcoupons-
  2. Save $1 on any Glade Product
  3. Save 3$ on Glade Automatic Starter Kit
  4. Save $1 on Colgate Mouthwash
  5. Save $5 on any 2 Schick Razor Pack
  6. Save $0.25 on every Bounty Paper Towel
  7. Save $0.25 on any Dawn Product
  8. Save $1 on any GE Lighting Product
  9. Save $1.50 on every Swaddlers Diapers
  10. Save $2 on any 2 Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner Products

You can expect more promos and gimmicks from Albertsons. It’s great to know that they seem to be enjoying serving so much. You have to be so fulfilled as to be so creative.



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